10 Walk-Out Kitchens That Get the Indoor-Outdoor Connection Right

Opening the kitchen to the yard can enhance your lifestyle no matter where you live

Laura Gaskill February 20, 2019
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With wall-size glass doors that let in tons of natural light and open up to an inviting outdoor living space, it’s no wonder that walk-out kitchens are trending in 2019. Blurring the line between outdoors and in, these kitchens are ideal for entertaining and smart for keeping an eye on adventuring kids. If you have a walk-out kitchen or are thinking of boosting the indoor-outdoor flow of your space, take a look at these 10 inspired examples and tell us whether you could see any of them working well in your home.
1. California Lifestyle

In this La Jolla, California, LEED Platinum home from Hill Construction, a folding door system opens up the kitchen, dining room and patio into one extended living space. Concrete flooring inside mirrors the large square poured-concrete pavers outdoors, while an outdoor seating area near the gas grill provides plenty of room to spread out and keep the cook company.

Tip: Take your local climate into account when deciding whether or how much to open your kitchen to the great outdoors. Those in a mild climate — like coastal Southern California — are likely to get a lot more use from a walk-out kitchen than, say, someone living in Minnesota. That’s not to say that Minnesotans can’t have an indoor-outdoor kitchen, but it would likely take on a different form than this one to make sense during the (many) cold months.
Boston Counters

2. Kitchen Bar

A fun way to open up the kitchen to the outside is by incorporating a pass-through window: While the cook is dishing up snacks or drinks, the guests can sit at the bar outdoors and chat. This kitchen takes the idea a step further with the addition of a folding glass door beside the pass-through window. The setup creates a continuous opening to the deck and brings a flood of natural light into the kitchen.

Great Home Project: Pass-Through Kitchen Window
What about bugs? If flies and mosquitoes are a nuisance where you live, it’s possible (and well worth it) to have retractable screens installed along with your sliding or folding door system. Then you can enjoy the fresh air without worry of a winged invasion.

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3. Family Pad

This Australian home from Excelsior Master Builder is designed with family life in mind. Folding glass doors lead from the kitchen to a deck where children can play.

Tip: Don’t forget to account for the amount of space your folding doors will take up on your deck or patio when the doors are fully opened. The bigger the opening, the more space the doors will take up.
Seen from the outside, the kitchen leads to a creative stepped deck design, transforming a narrow side yard into an inviting place to play and hang out.

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4. Smooth Transition



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