Certain Paint Colors Can Actually Make Your Home Look Dirtier—Here’s What You Should Use Instead

The wall or trim color you choose has a bigger impact than you think—choose wisely.

By Amanda Lauren
Updated: June 18, 2019
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It’s hard enough to keep your home’s floors and surfaces clean—add worrying about the walls, and you’ve got a near-overwhelming cleaning checklist. Dirty walls are a nuisance and inconvenient to clean, and those little scuffmarks from shoes, children, pets and bare feet can really add up. Worst of all, an otherwise-clean room can feel dirty if the walls don’t look completely spotless.

So how do your walls get so dirty-looking in the first place? One major reason can be that they were painted the wrong color. While that crisp, glossy white felt like a good idea at the time, clearly this is an instance where good design can go bad when life happens. Whether you are repainting a room or starting fresh in a new home, it’s important to choose paint colors that can help your house look cleaner, even if you go a little too long without a deep clean.


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Here are the paint colors that interior designers and decorating experts say are best to avoid because they can make your home look dirtier, no matter how much you clean, plus some great alternatives. Yes, you can still paint the room white—just be sure to choose the right shade.

Avoid earth tones

According to Alexis Rodgers of Home with Alexis, if you are designing a room that has a tendency to get dirty or messy, avoid painting your walls brown, tan, or yellow. “Those colors can make a room look dingy right off the bat,” she says.

If you must use those colors, an accent wall may be easier to keep clean. You can also choose wallpaper instead of paint.


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